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1  O  O  %   L  A  G  O  M


The outcome of five whole rounds of distillation is a spirit with a flavour so soft, gentle and smooth that you can serve it at room temperature straight up as a drink. Or on the rocks – chilled with a couple of ice cubes – if you prefer. 

IN THE SWEDISH language there is a word “lagom”, which means “moderate” or “somewhere in between”. When something is “lagom” it’s neither really bad,
nor exceptionally good. Many swedes believe that “lagom” is unique to there language, and in some ways it is. Swedes grow up with idea that they are “lagom”. Neither fiery or cold. Swedes are always somewhere in between. They are neutral. They don’t stick out. “Lagom”, they say is in the soul of the Swedish people. This is why they needed this word in their vocabulary. Every Swedish person has been told this.

THIS IS OF COURSE a myth. This Swedish people are no more “lagom” than anyone else. You can find similar words in almost every language. In English we say “moderate”. The Germans say “mäßigen”, and in Spain they “moderado”… However we are proud of this word, and Sture Vodka is 100% lagom. “Lagom” also means “just right”. Well balanced. Not too much, nor too little.


STURE VODKA USES local ingredients of the highest quality. We distil our vodka five times to ensure the characteristically smooth flavour. The harsh edges are rounded out leaving an aromatic and smooth flavour. The result, a crystal clear and exceptional, no sorry, “lagom” smooth vodka.


ENJOY STURE VODKA at room temperature to allow the aroma to stand in the forefront. Or on the rocks, if you prefer to drink it ice cold. Or use Sture Vodka as a base for a drink when “lagom” means PERFECT.


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